Financing for Small and Start Up Businesses

Many of you are anywhere of our history providing seed and start up capital funding for small businesses.  You know that KYN was very involved with One Spark and spent countless hours doing all things possible to make that successful.

One Spark is without a doubt the world’s largest crowd event and skyrocketed
that pinnacle in a short period of time. We could not be more proud of how that event has turned into something that spectacular.

Although KYN is no longer involved on a hands-on personal level with One Spark, the site will continue to provide seed funding opportunities, capital infusion, small and large loans as well as being involved with joint ventures for businesses both small and large.

The desire to see small businesses prosper in bloom is still the fuel that is causing the fire to burn brightly and opportunities for small businesses, and the growth of small business, is still first and foremost in the eyes of KYN.

Sure there has been some changes in management and the process but vision has not changed. Seeing America developed through the backbone of small businesses, and small business ownership, is still a vision held dearly.

The options and revenue backing are somewhat different but the effectiveness of the offers opportunities remain, not only effective, but some of the most viable options for any business that comes to funding their growth through capital infusion.

Calvin Coolidge is noted for saying, “the business of America is business” and we have a similar feeling and thought process when it comes to that same ideal. As businesses in America are successful and grow, so does our economy and our workforce. That bodes well for families and other businesses in the markets in which they operate.

That growth is what makes America a great country in which to build a life and a business and KYN is committed to seeing a positive end result for each and every business that is looking for help in forms of capital or business management advice.